Which skill set is important for someone seeking to become a data scientist?

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Which skill set is important for someone seeking to become a data scientist?

  • An understanding of architecture and distribution of data acquisition and storage, multiple programming languages (including Python and Java), and knowledge of SQL database design.
  • An understanding of basic statistical principles, cleaning different types of data, data visualization, and exploratory data analysis.
  • A thorough knowledge of machine learning technologies and programming languages, strong statistical and analytical skills, and familiarity with software utilities that facilitates working with massive amounts of data.
  • The ability to ensure that the database remains stable and maintaining backups of the database and execute database updates and modifications.
    Answers Explanation & Hints:

    To become a data scientist, an individual needs a combination of skills that includes knowledge of programming languages, data analysis, and statistical modeling. Data scientists need to be able to extract insights from data by applying machine learning algorithms, data visualization techniques, and statistical methods. They should be able to manipulate large datasets and work with a variety of databases, including SQL and NoSQL. Additionally, they should have experience in data cleansing, data preprocessing, and data wrangling to prepare data for analysis. Soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking, are also important for a data scientist. A data scientist should be able to communicate the insights they have derived from the data to stakeholders in an accessible and understandable manner.

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