What type of VLAN is designed to reserve bandwidth to ensure IP Phone quality?

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What type of VLAN is designed to reserve bandwidth to ensure IP Phone quality?

  • voice VLAN
  • trunk VLAN
  • security VLAN
  • management VLAN
    Answers Explanation & Hints:

    A voice VLAN is a type of VLAN that is specifically designed to carry voice traffic for Voice over IP (VoIP) communication. It is configured on a switch port that is connected to an IP phone, which in turn is connected to a PC. When a device is connected to a voice VLAN-enabled switch port, the port automatically assigns the device to the voice VLAN, which is typically given a higher priority over other data traffic. This ensures that voice traffic receives sufficient bandwidth and quality of service (QoS) to minimize latency, jitter, and packet loss.

    By reserving bandwidth for voice traffic, the voice VLAN helps ensure that phone calls remain clear and uninterrupted, even during periods of high network traffic. This is particularly important for organizations that rely heavily on phone communication, such as call centers or customer support departments. The voice VLAN also simplifies network management by allowing voice and data traffic to be separated onto different VLANs, making it easier to prioritize and manage network traffic.

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