How is SSH different from Telnet?

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How is SSH different from Telnet?

  • SSH makes connections over the network, whereas Telnet is for out-of-band access.
  • SSH provides security to remote sessions by encrypting messages and using user authentication. Telnet is considered insecure and sends messages in plaintext.
  • SSH requires the use of the PuTTY terminal emulation program. Tera Term must be used to connect to devices through the use of Telnet.
  • SSH must be configured over an active network connection, whereas Telnet is used to connect to a device from a console connection.
    Answers Explanation & Hints:

    SSH is the preferred protocol for connecting to a device operating system over the network because it is much more secure than Telnet. Both SSH and Telnet are used to connect to devices over the network, and so are both used in-band. PuTTY and Terra Term can be used to make both SSH and Telnet connections.

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